The Department of Basic Science concerns, Engg. Mathematics, Engg. Physics,Engg. Chemistry, Bussiness Economics and Life Skills, in connection with all other programs which are offered by all other departments of engineering. Scientifical labs mainly physics and chemistry are taking care by the department, besides, it provides language lab for the students to enhance their communications competencies. The department provides different trainings in order to increase the linguistic proficiency through fineness and perfection in English grammar, pronounciation and vocabulary as well.

Department of Basic Science extents the hands to students to access themselves into the world of creativity and innovation. No matter, how talented the students are or what the stream they come from. Irrespective of their subjects and stream specialization, it helps them to be a person of right attitides towards Engg. Mathematics, Engg. Physics, Engg. Chemistry, Bussiness Economics and to Life Skills.

The Department takes care of the mathematics classes especially, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, complex analysis, probability distribution, numerical methods, discrete mathematics etc. Though, the main streams have their own departments in engineering, physics, chemistry, econimics and language are included in this.