Placement Training Modules


Effective Writing Skills, Cover Letter Writing, Email Writing.

Types of sentences – Declarative; Imperative; Interrogative; Exclamatory, Inviting or Suggesting to do something. Reported Speech, Active and Passive Voice, Parts of Speech, Gerunds and Infinitives, Modal Verbs, Relative Pronouns, Usage of Ordinal and Cardinal Numbers in sentences.

Presentation Skills, Mock Presentation, Transcripts, Audio Listening and Writing, Translations, Phrases expressing Etiquette Manners and Politeness, Extempore and Public Speaking.

Root Word Concept, Prefix, Suffix, Rules of Suffix, Spelling Rules and words often misspelled.


Situation Vocabulary, Effective Listening, Listening Comprehension, Barriers of Listening, Question Tags, Technical Reading, Technical Writing, Technical Reports & Technical Proposals. Effective Reading, Syllables, Intonation, Pronunciation, Enunciation, Strong and Weak Words, Phonetics & Tongue Twisters Effective Speaking, Barriers of Communication, MTI and Neutralisation of MTI, Homonyms, Homophones, Abbreviations and Contractions, Punctuation Rules, Prepositions explanation for each, One-word Substitution.


Attitude, Self Development & Self Analysis; Strength & Weakness; Problems & Opportunities; Time Management. Role plays & Activities; Team Work, Team Building and Management. Meditation Techniques, Stress Management and Self Control. Introduction to Engg., Why Engg., Values & Ethics; Introduction to Global Language English; How to get rid of English fear; Techniques to improve English language.